It Rained Today

I gaze upon a cloudless sky, a vastness of blue as far as the eyes can see.
The melody of chirping birds echoes beyond this field of silence.
I find comfort beneath the shade of a weeping willow,
and am reminded of the seedling you planted in our yard that day.
The sun is playing hide and seek between the swaying branches,
casting shadows upon my skin while the wind softly tousles my hair.
I sit there with a pen in hand staring at a blank page when a nostalgic scent fills the air.
My mind is submerged in distant memories of times filled with love and laughter,
and suddenly I feel a tiny droplet of water fall onto my hand, then another.
I open my eyes and look towards the sky 
only to find that the beauty of it all remains the same.
There is not a cloud in sight and the sun is shining even brighter than before.
As I brush the hair away from my face, I feel dampness upon my cheek.
It was then that I realized those velvet dewdrops were tears I had shed,
the wind blowing through my hair was your gentle fatherly touch,
and the warmth I felt upon my skin was but the closeness of your being.
I sighed as I was reminded that another day has passed, and you are still gone.
And with not a single cloud in sight, it rained today, as it often does within the depths of my soul.

In honor of my Father, Freddie J. Daigle, Jr. 2/2/1964 – 3/1/2003
RIP Daddy…see you on the other side

Happy Father’s Day!

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