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I long to take my wanderlust heart on the journey of a lifetime, visiting all the sacred spaces of the ascended masters and feeling their essence within these vagabond bones. I want to surf turquoise seas and lay awake counting shooting stars, getting lost in the acid-like waves of Aurora Borealis. I want to explore foreign lands and fill the empty cups of suffering souls with love, compassion and kindness along the way. I want to share in their laughter as I stumble upon syllables in my attempt to learn their native tongue. I want to dream big and live out loud while jumping from cloud to technicolor cloud. I just want to live a life destined by divine purpose with the freedom to taste the rainbow of every culture around the world. I want to converse freely in the language of no words with the spirits of my ancestors as I let their footprints be my guide along the off-beaten path. I want to stretch my arms out towards the sapphire sky and twirl about the raindrops void of any reason as to why. And I want to savor the stimulation of every sense so intently that I never again question my soul’s purpose. I just want to be completely free, a sovereign spirit wandering the galaxy; the fearless version of the authentic me.


– Dena M. Daigle  2018


Iris – The Sacred Meeting Place Between Science and Spirituality

Have you ever met someone for the first time and felt an instant connection to them as if you have known them your entire life? Perhaps there is something familiar in their eyes, but you cannot seem to pinpoint exactly what it is. Yet you still feel like you have gazed upon those mystical orbs a million times before. I believe we feel that connective spark because our soul instantly recognized theirs the moment we looked into their eyes. Related article: “Vibe With Your Soul Tribe.”

“It has been said, for as long as I can remember, that the eyes are the windows to the soul. I wholeheartedly concur! I view the intricate patterns of the iris as a universal map leading us to the sacred meeting place of science and spirituality.”

Dena Daigle, Phoenix Ascended

Every human being on this planet has a unique pair of eyes that contain their very own galactic microcosm known as the iris. No two are the same, much like our fingerprints. They are a beautiful blueprint to the stars, mind, body and soul alike.

Did you know? “The iris is like a map of the body – changes in certain organs are reflected in specific parts of the iris. The right iris shows the condition of the right side of the body, while the left iris reflects the left side. The exact relationship between iris and body parts can be seen from the iris chart below.” (Source: What Your Iris Says About You.) Please note, however, that the actual pattern of the iris rarely changes acutely.


The iris develops when we are in our mother’s womb and remains virtually the same our entire life. “In health, the iris is composed of densely structured fine, straight lines, radiating from the pupil to the outer rim. A close grain, similar to that of hardwood, indicates a strong inherited vitality and good recuperative powers in the case of temporary illness. If the fibers are loosely spread, as in softwood, the basic health is weak.”

It is also believed that the eyes do not change when we pass from one life into the next, allowing us to recognize our spiritual companions throughout time and space. Our souls are light-bodies that exist in higher dimensions beyond the confines of this earthly realm. However, we incarnate here in physical form for various reasons with a distinct purpose and/or mission. Our personal unconscious acts much like an internal hard drive storing vital data and information that we have encountered in past lives in order for us to evolve and grow. Even though most of us do not consciously remember our past lives, certain places, events and even people have the ability to trigger that stored energy into resurfacing. That is why we feel such an intense connection when we encounter certain people and momentarily gaze into their eyes. We are basically catching a glimpse of a past life connection.   Pay attention to how you feel the next time you “meet” someone.

“Mosaic masterpieces in hues of brown, gold, green and blue. Kaleidoscopes of color containing all the beauty of far-away galaxies. These story-telling spheres speak the untold truths in moments of silence. Like tiny windows to the soul, our eyes reflect every encountered emotion. It is there that we can view each other in our purest form, raw and unfiltered.”

– Dena Daigle (2017) “Windows to the Soul,” Scattered Ashes

The Phoenix & Her Muse – A Story of Star-Crossed Lovers

“When you have removed the two factors that are destructive to relationships — when the pain-body has been transmuted and you are no longer identified with mind and mental positions — and if your partner has done the same, you will experience the bliss of the flowering of relationship. Instead of mirroring to each other your pain and your unconsciousness, instead of satisfying your mutual addictive ego needs, you will reflect back to each other the love that you feel deep within, the love that comes with the realization of your oneness with all that is. This is the love that has no opposite.”    – Eckhart Tolle

I remember that late Summer evening like it was yesterday… the way that the stars shined brighter than usual, and how the humid night air was saturated with anticipation and desire. I could literally feel my cheeks flush the brightest shade of crimson as I neared your house. My limbs began trembling the moment I turned into your driveway.  In fact, I don’t think I’ve ever been more nervous about meeting anyone in my life!

It was the strangest feeling though because, for as anxious as I was, I felt more like I was reconnecting with an old flame rather than meeting someone new. I felt as though our hearts had traveled parallel to one another for many lifetimes, yet never crossed paths; at least not to our recollection. Oh, but that dream we shared…the silent lucidity I experienced that somehow, you had a very detailed account of… my vision of a sacred reunion between kindred spirits that only my soulmate could possibly be aware of.  The tale of lost lovers whose hearts were returning home, miraculously, you dreamt it too. Yet there I was, about to meet you for the very first time.

One last look of approval in the rearview mirror revealed tiny sweat beads glistening across my forehead.  “Get it together girl!” I told myself as a struggled to regain my composure.  I took a deep breath and walked to your front door with no clue about what to expect next.  As the door opened, my heart began to beat a mile a minute. The moment the moonlight lit up your face, every monarch butterfly nestled safely in the depths of my belly hastily emerged from their cocoons.  The familiarity I felt the moment we locked eyes was soothing to my soul.  Standing there before me in the darkness was the silhouette of everything I have ever wanted in a partner. That moment was absolutely electrifying!

We had spent hours talking everyday for weeks prior to us actually meeting in person, but nothing could prepare me for what I felt when our energies finally collided. It was unlike anything I have ever experienced, and the timing of it all seemed so wrong. I was in the process of trying to rebuild my life from the smoldered ruins I was rising from. I felt like I was not even half the woman you deserved me to be. I have often wondered how you, someone so real, so authentic, so kind and inspirational, so smart and handsome, so well put together, could possibly want someone like me. But somehow, you saw me for me. You saw beyond the hardened exterior to the soft-hearted soul beneath. You saw the woman who shared her love freely with others, but struggled to share it with herself.  You saw the scared little girl that was still hiding behind the brick wall she built around her heart. You saw a compassionate soul still trying to follow her path to the light. You saw what lived beneath those masks I wore for my protection, and you accepted me, ALL of me.

From that pivotal moment in time forward, we have been inseparable. Our hearts were intertwined by the red thread of fate long before we even knew it. As cliché as the phrase “love at first sight” may be, we are living proof of its existence. We have spent the last year learning everything we can about each other, growing together, making beautiful memories and turning our house into a home filled with love and laughter. Your angelic son has become as much a part of me as he would if I had given birth to him myself. The feeling of joy I experience in the presence of you two is beyond comparison and I am forever grateful for that privilege.

Now here we are, making plans for our future, standing hand in hand as we move gracefully through all of life’s tests. You have proven to me that there is absolutely nothing that we cannot get through together. You have been my backbone when my limbs were trembling, my rock when the waters got rough, my coach when I needed motivation, and my comforter when I had enough. You have been my biggest supporter and my favorite muse and I cannot wait until the day that we exchange our “I dos.”


Dena Daigle & Cory Creppel – Engaged 11/11/17

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Vibe With Your Soul Tribe

From Facebook quizzes to determine who that special person is in your life, to blogs pointing out all of the signs to look for, I believe it is safe to say that we have all heard the term “soulmate” at some point. I want you to think about that phrase for a moment though. Paint a mental image, if you will.  What do you see?  Some view soulmates as a metaphysical concept, believing that person to be someone they knew in another lifetime, or many other lifetimes even.  Others may believe the term to simply be a metaphor for someone they connect with on a spiritual level. Regardless, you are likely picturing a partnership between smitten lovers, overflowing with an abundance of romance.  Most people tend to view the notion from that aspect. But in my experience, a soulmate is not always someone you feel a sexual/romantic attraction to.  A soulmate, to me, is someone you genuinely feel connected to via mind, body and spirit.

“A soulmate is someone who has locks that fit our keys, and keys to fit our locks. When we feel safe enough to open the locks, our truest selves step out and we can be completely and honestly who we are.” – Richard Bach

According to Chinese legend, an invisible red thread of fate is tied around the ankles of those that are destined to meet one another in a certain situation, or to help each other in some form. The two people connected by the red thread are destined to be together, regardless of place, time, or circumstances. The cord of destiny may stretch or tangle, but never break. (source: Wikipedia)  This mythical tale is similar to the Western concept of a soulmate or twin flame. But what if there is an invisible thread of fate connecting us not only to our soulmates, but our entire soul tribe?

For introverted empaths like me, networking and meeting new people, particularly in social settings, is a daunting and overwhelming task.  But here in the digital age, it is typically easy to connect with people from all walks of life, in many different parts of the world. We often recognize these kindred spirits via social media and similar interest groups during exclamatory “me too!” moments, when we discover things we have in common. Sometimes, that connection is so powerful, so intense, that we feel as though we were cosmically aligned to cross paths at that very moment. Our souls energetically resonate with them on a mental, physical and spiritual level, simultaneously.  Conversation flows freely as if we’ve known them forever, and there is such a deep-rooted, harmonious bond formed between our energies, that we feel like our souls share the same frequency. We are free to be our authentic selves in the company of our tribe. That magical sensation we feel in their presence is like a little wink from the universe letting us know our hearts have a home.

Maybe our soul family has been with us all along, singing the songs of our ancestors, taking shape in various forms, helping us throughout our journey.  The relationships we form with people are much like those occurring in nature – there is a season and a reason for everything. Your soul tribe may be comprised some of the most influential people you will ever encounter. There is a universal energy consciously connecting every aspect of our lives, and it responds to the vibrational pattern emitted from our hearts. That explains why certain things, and even certain people, manifest into our lives when we need them the most. They come along, each with their own specific role; perhaps to comfort us when we need loving support and guidance, or to help us overcome an obstacle, or even to learn a valuable lesson.  Whether your connection lasts for only a brief moment or an entire lifetime, these kindred spirits can have a profound impact on your life.  Pay attention to the way your energy responds to them, for they are here on this plane with helping hands to guide us along our journey

“Soul Family – those that gather around you in your life, not connected by blood or race, but by energy and essence.  They bring unconditional love and support at the perfect times and understand and share the same mission and purpose. For you, I am grateful – we are one.” – Unknown (source: Pinterest)

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